Take Action

We're Close to Winning!

We only need support from one more of these DC Councilmembers. Ask​ these leaders to co-sponsor the Ranked Choice Voting bill.

Robert White, Jr.

Robert White Photo

At-Large Councilmember

Trayon White, Sr.

Trayon White Photo

Ward 8 Councilmember

Kenyon McDuffie

Kenyon McDuffie

Ward 5 Councilmember

Speak your truth!

Call, email, or DM the Councilmembers and say why you want to rank the vote! You can say something like:

"I'm a DC resident in Ward _, asking for the Councilmember's support for ranked voting to free communities to build voting power together. I hope they will support election equity by cosponsoring the VOICE Act - the new ranked choice voting bill.

This is a common-sense way to strengthen democracy and build a Future 51st State! We're counting on you to strengthen democracy and the freedom to vote for who we want.

What is the Councilmember's position on ranked voting?"