The Problem

DC has two recurring election outcomes
that go against our values of
Freedom, Equity, and Solidarity:

1) Communities split their vote and weaken their collective power. Different communities cannot vote insolidarity with one another, because the incentives of our current voting system are toxic and ego-driven.


2) Elections are won with less than majority support. If a candidate wins with 30% of the vote, that means 70% of voters did not vote for them.

Who we elect as leaders determines what is possible and who has access to resources.

For too long, Black and brown communities have been displaced economically, culturally, and politically.

The people we elect should be incentivized to build coalitions that reflect the diversity of our city.

A ranked voting system can protect Black power against rising gentrification and displacement.


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We meet monthly on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6pm.
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Ranked Voting is a simple change that gives you the power to rank your choices instead of choosing just one candidate.

If your favorite candidate doesn't win,

you vote automatically goes to your back-up choices.

Candidates have to win a real majority of the vote (over 50%) to win.


We can free ourselves to vote for who we really want!

Problems that RCV helps dissolve:

  • Worrying about "Electability"

  • Splitting the Vote

  • Having to pressure candidates to drop out

  • Vote shaming and voter apathy

  • Democratic party managing its "Big Tent"

  • Domination and Political Toxicity

  • Crowded Primaries producing non-majority candidates

  • Newcomers and outsiders in politics being shut out


RCV not only changes our elections, but also changes the culture of power and politics. It is the beginning of building a State of the Future that encourages candidates to campaign with a positive vision of the future and elects more women and people of color to positions of leadership.

What is Ranked Choice Voting?

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We're building a strong coalition of organizations and individuals across DC.  If your organization or community wants to endorse, just sign our letter of support:



And if you'd like to be a part of organizing for this powerful change to our broken system, reach out:


We're Close to Winning!

 We only need support from one more of these Councilmembers

Ask​ these leaders to co-sponsor the Ranked Choice Voting bill.

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  • Robert White Instagram
  • Robert White Twitter

Or contact their office:


CM trayon white picture.jpg
  • Trayon White Instagram
  • Trayon White Twitter

Or contact their office:

(202) 724-8045

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Kenyan McDuffie


Ward 5

  • Kenyan McDuffie Instagram
  • Twitter McDuffie

Or contact their office:

(202) 724-8028

You can say something like:

"I'm a DC resident in Ward _, asking for the Councilmember's support for ranked voting: a system that builds community power, stops communities from splitting their vote and getting politically displaced, and finally puts equity into our power systems.

Please co-sponsor the VOICE Act from Christina Henderson. It's a common-sense way to strengthen democracy, free us to vote our values, and build a civic education culture in the Future 51st State!

You can also:

Contact the Judiciary Committee and ask them to schedule a hearing on the VOICE Act in the fall of 2021:

(202) 724-7808


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