Change the Culture of Politics
Ranked choice voting allows you to rank your vote for any elected position instead of choosing just one candidate, making our elections more democratic and fair.

Join us and unleash the power of more choice, more voice, and meaningful democracy in our city.

Ranked choice voting not only changes our elections, but also changes the culture of power and politics - all while increasing political engagement, encouraging a positive vision of the future, and electing more women and people of color to positions of leadership.

What is Ranked Choice Voting?

With ranked choice voting (RCV), voters can rank as many candidates as they want in order of choice. Candidates do best when they attract a strong core of first-choice support while also reaching out for second and even third choices. When used as an "instant runoff" to elect a single candidate like a mayor, RCV helps elect a candidate that better reflects the support of a majority of voters. When used as a form of fair representation voting to elect more than one candidate like a city council, RCV helps to more fairly represent the full spectrum of voters.


This system eliminates the spoiler effect, encourages candidates to run positive campaigns, and ensures winners have majority support. To learn more about how ranked choice voting works, visit FairVote.org

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