The Movement

Rank the Vote DC is a local, grassroots, multi-racial coalition who's been actively advocating and organizing to pass Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in DC. We have over 30 advocates from all 8 Wards of the city and 16 local organizations currently in our coalition. We’re crafting a city-wide education and community outreach campaign centered around equity, accessibility, and civic mutual aid.

We are supported by a broad coalition including the following groups:

350 DC
Critical Exposure
DC for Democracy
DC Latino Caucus
Delicious Democracy
Jews United for Justice
League of Women Voters
Persist D.C.
Ward 3 Democrats
We Act Radio
Ward One Dems
Campaign Legal Center
Many Languages One Voice
DC Statehood Green Party

Steering committee members

  • Individuals: Markus Batchelor
  • DC for Democracy: Kesh Ladduwahetty, Jeremiah Lowery, Keith Ivey
  • Working Families Party: Makia Green
  • DC Latino Caucus: Jacqueline Castañeda
  • Delicious Democracy: Brianna McGowan
  • Sunrise DC: Kush Kharod, Natalia Mushegian
  • Persist DC: Maddie Leonard
  • Coalition Internal Organizer: Sam Bonar

Our Steering Committee meets on the first Thursdays of each month at 6pm. If any organizational member of the coalition would like to send a representative to the steering committee, please let us know at