We're Close!

 Let's get support from these Councilmembers

Contact these leaders and ask them to co-sponsor the Ranked Choice Voting bill.

CM robert white picture.jpg
  • Robert White Instagram
  • Robert White Twitter

Or contact their office:



CM trayon white picture.jpg
  • Trayon White Instagram
  • Trayon White Twitter

Or contact their office:

(202) 724-8045


CM brooke pinto picture.jpg

Brooke Pinto


Ward 2

  • Brooke Pinto Instagram
  • Twitter

Or contact their office:

(202) 724-8058


CM kenyan mcduffie picture.jpg

Kenyan McDuffie


Ward 5

  • Kenyan McDuffie Instagram
  • Twitter McDuffie

Or contact their office:

(202) 724-8028


You can say something like:

"I'm a DC resident in Ward _, asking for the Councilmember's support for putting equity into power and supporting electoral justice by cosponsoring the

Ranked Choice Voting Bill (B23-0491).

We need this to be a State of the Future!

Also, please co-introduce and advocate for the new Rank the Vote bill next year.

We're counting on you to strengthen democracy and the freedom to vote for who we want."

You can also:

Contact the Judiciary Committee and ask them to schedule a hearing on Ranked Choice Voting in early 2021:

(202) 724-7808